Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Angels are safekeeping my Mom

My heart is broken.
My Mom passed last night.
I know she is with the angels and we all loved her. A strong ,wonderful and beautiful woman.
The angels are safekeeping you and I miss you.
We were all at her side,my brothers and sister,her sister,and her other daughters.
Ma Green is now with my Dad,my brother and her 2 grandsons.
My Mom did so much with her life , she worked hard all her life and touched so many lives.
My Mom has and will be helping people that don't even know her.
She will continue to do so.
My Mom fought for years for people that have been exposed to asbestos ,as a result of which, eventually contract mesothelioma and pass.So many families will be helped. My Dad ,passed in Dec.1989.of mesothelioma and because of my Mom's lawsuit,against.General Dynamics Corp./Electric Boat Division , many people will be compensated, families will be helped nation wide.
Mom ,I love you and will miss you!

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