Sunday, December 6, 2009

What brings you joy in your life?

I came across this blog, Barking Mad and Audrey is having a blog giveaway for a $300.00 Target Gift Card.She asked the question "What brings you joy in your life"? and I had to answer because I asked myself , Do I have joy? and Do we find joy by other people or is it just in our hearts?
This year has been sad and life isn't what I ever expected.
I always found joy with my family , get togethers, cooking or just watching a T.V show with them.
I have been blessed with having 4 children , 3 boys and a girl and I know I live for them because they bring me my greatest joy. Their birth ,birthdays ,graduations and getting married. You never expect to lose a child . I never thought I would lose 2 sons, two beautiful sons,who should be married ,having their own families,instead I hold pictures of them.
It brings me joy to have known them, loved them ,that I was their Mother
Finding joy in my heart to carry on and make this Holiday special for my other children.
Joy is the little things . A hug,a smile ,making them all stand there because I am taking a picture.I find joy in a phone call,even if its for a minute to say Hi,I am thinking of you and love you.
Giving others kindness,making them feel good ,loved and happy.That brings me joy. Helping someone that needs a helping hand ,being able to help. That brings me joy.
Placing my faith in God ,knowing he would only give my shoulders and heart what I can carry.
Joy comes from within , no one can give it to me,I have to find it for myself.
I find joy in the little things.
I hope you find joy in your life.