Friday, June 25, 2010

Uncle Ben's Kitchen Kickoff Party

I had a Uncle Ben's Kitchen Kickoff Party and it was a blast!! I did get to preview the  Uncle Ben's Whole grain brown rice and it is amazing!! We all loved it!
I made a couple of dishes to go with the party and everyone loved it!
One of the recipes I used was 
Uncle Ben's Brown Rice is so healthy too ! One serving of nearly all Uncle Ben's Whole Grain Rice varieties provide 100% the daily whole grain recommendation! 
Awesome food (Thanks to Uncle Ben's) great people and a fantastic day!!
It was also 2 of my children's birthdays ,so I thought because we like to do good for others I asked everyone that stopped to bring a can of food or a dollar. This way we relaxed ,enjoyed the food and helped other families!

I set up the truck with  Uncle Ben's Rice ,gifts and goodies for the party goers! I was still setting up when this picture was taken!!

Sarah and Frankie getting their Uncle Ben's goodie bag!
Some of the guys starting to dig into the Uncle Ben's Rice dishes!!

Some of the party people!!
Here comes Jimmy ,I can't forget about him! He is such a good dog!! My cats are hiding!!
We all had a wonderful time and I had people stop by all day! My camera need to be recharged ,I thought it was good to go ! Silly me!

The next day I packed up all the cans (some boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice) and money and off to the 

Preston City Congregational Church . They have a  wonderful food pantry that helps so many people !

I felt it was perfect to help. They also liked that I thought of them!

Thank you Mom Central and Uncle Ben's , making this party a huge success!

I wrote this review while participating in a Kitchen Kickoff campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Uncle Ben's. Mom Central sent me a gift card and other Uncle Ben's items to thank me for taking the time to participate.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Beautiful and Fun Wedding

What a wonderful weekend we had! 
Staying at the Hyatt in Greenwich , it was beautiful and fun!
Getting there Friday ,everyone was so kind and helpful! 
Off we went for facials at  the Ritz Carlton in Westchester , what a wonderful spa ! It was the first time for me and I enjoyed the experience! It was like being in another world! After the facials ,mani and pedi's  and feeling like a new woman,looking like one too ,we were off again!
This time it was for a new do! Toni, a hairdresser who performs miracles! She just looked at me and within minutes my hair was cut and colored (washed those grays right out of my hair) and styled! I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe it was me!! Toni ,you are awesome!!
Meeting up for dinner with my daughter's soon to be new family !
We went out to dinner to this wonderful Italian restaurant,The  Valbella  Ristorante, a toast to the bride!! We all had champagne and it was so nice!!
Sarah with Frankie's Aunt and Grandmother
You ladies are the best! My daughter is so lucky to have you in her life!

Saturday was the wedding!
Off to the ceremony! Don't ya just love those sunglasses!!

Sarah made a beautiful bride and Frankie a handsome groom!!

The new Mr & Mrs Martin are so playful!!
The bride with Frankie's parents (Sarah's new Mom & Dad)

It was a beautiful wedding and time to relax a bit , taking the new bride & groom out for their first toast!

Sarah & Frankie with Jim & me
Jim looks grumpy!! He isn't ,he is a happy go lucky guy!!

  The reception at the Hyatt in Greenwich.
The flowers,the cake(Strawberry short cake,Frankie's favorite),its was all so fun!! 
The bride and groom cutting the cake!!
Sarah & Frankie are a beautiful couple ! I couldn't have asked for a better son in law!
I wish the both of you many happy and fun years together,you have so much love ! 
Mazel Tov!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Matt!

Boy , does time fly!!
Today is my son's birthday!
28 years ago I was in the yard with my oldest son and we were picking worms .
My water broke and the rest is history!! Matt loves fishing and now we all know why!
He even went fishing on  his honeymoon  when he married Holly!
Happy Birthday Matt!
I know Randy, your best friend will be celebrating it with you!!
I hope all your birthday wishes come true!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten

                               Remembering all of our fallen heroes.
                                           Memorial Day 2010

Gone But Not Forgotten (Poem For Fallen Heroes)
Many heroes fall during battle
this fight for freedom often costs
these men and women we send to foreign shores
often it these lives that are lost

but they will not be forgotten
we honor those souls that slip away
and know that they've become angels
In heaven, on this day

The memory of them lives on
as we sleep we see their face
the dreams seem so very real
we often imagine their warm embrace

God has given them free reign
to whisper gently to the trees
to glide effortlessly among the clouds
and dry your tears with a breeze

So as long as we are alive
we will hold them in our hearts
and as long as we can breathe
our heroes will never be apart

So as we bury you with honor
we will grieve, then heal & pray
and even though we'll miss you you
we'll be reunited in heaven one day 

Linda Racaniello 

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Cats

My cats are too funny!
I always catch them sleeping  and they sleep together all the time. They have since they were babies . They crack me up!!
Bubba has to sleep in Jim's arms! He is such a big baby!
Bubba is sound asleep! He loves his belly rubbed!
Rosie and Bubba out like a light!!Rosie is always sleeping in funny positions!!
Here I found them again! I have never seen cats sleep on their back!
Yes,that is Bubba and Ebbie ,I found them asleep like this but when I started to snap pictures they woke up!
Ebbie out like a light!
All 3! I got a box in so I covered it with a blanket so they could lay on it! They love sleeping together My babies are the sweetest!
The boys! Bubba and Boo Bear! All the cats were so protective of Boo Bear. He didn't have enough oxygen when he was born .He had a tough time walking too .  We lost Boo Bear in Aug 09. He was the sweetest cat. Rosie, Bubba and Ebbie always let him eat first and I would catch Rosie  helping him to clean . Rosie is the alpha cat and boy do the other cats listen to her! If she comes in the house first, she doesn't relax until the others are in!

I love this picture of Bubba and Rosie!!

They also love boxes. I let them have the boxes when I get something in .
Bubba in the box! I don't know how he stuffed himself in this box!! LOL

So I gave him another box and Ebbie jumped into the smaller box!
They love their boxes!
All 3 relaxing ! Bubba fell asleep and here Ebbie is cleaning Rosie. They really take care of each other and
I never see them fighting . They have been together since they were born,so loving and stay with us all day too!
They all love to play outside!

Bubba is waiting for his belly rubbed!
Rosie on the truck! She wants to make sure we don't go anywhere!!

Ebbie is too cute! She always has her tongue sticking out!!

Boo Bear ,he was so sweet. He is now an angel,but he was always my angel!