Monday, January 4, 2010

My Cats

My cats are too funny!
I always catch them sleeping  and they sleep together all the time. They have since they were babies . They crack me up!!
Bubba has to sleep in Jim's arms! He is such a big baby!
Bubba is sound asleep! He loves his belly rubbed!
Rosie and Bubba out like a light!!Rosie is always sleeping in funny positions!!
Here I found them again! I have never seen cats sleep on their back!
Yes,that is Bubba and Ebbie ,I found them asleep like this but when I started to snap pictures they woke up!
Ebbie out like a light!
All 3! I got a box in so I covered it with a blanket so they could lay on it! They love sleeping together My babies are the sweetest!
The boys! Bubba and Boo Bear! All the cats were so protective of Boo Bear. He didn't have enough oxygen when he was born .He had a tough time walking too .  We lost Boo Bear in Aug 09. He was the sweetest cat. Rosie, Bubba and Ebbie always let him eat first and I would catch Rosie  helping him to clean . Rosie is the alpha cat and boy do the other cats listen to her! If she comes in the house first, she doesn't relax until the others are in!

I love this picture of Bubba and Rosie!!

They also love boxes. I let them have the boxes when I get something in .
Bubba in the box! I don't know how he stuffed himself in this box!! LOL

So I gave him another box and Ebbie jumped into the smaller box!
They love their boxes!
All 3 relaxing ! Bubba fell asleep and here Ebbie is cleaning Rosie. They really take care of each other and
I never see them fighting . They have been together since they were born,so loving and stay with us all day too!
They all love to play outside!

Bubba is waiting for his belly rubbed!
Rosie on the truck! She wants to make sure we don't go anywhere!!

Ebbie is too cute! She always has her tongue sticking out!!

Boo Bear ,he was so sweet. He is now an angel,but he was always my angel!